Enterprise Grade Prescriptive Microservices Development & Governance Platform

Business Benefits

Accelerates innovation – faster to build business services
  • Comes bundled with several core and productivity services
  • Provides DevOps automation and containerization capabilities
  • Easy integration with 3rd party and cloud services
Improved customer experience with resilient and fault tolerant services
  • Programmable load balancers and HA proxy support
  • Continuous real-time monitoring
  • Auto scaling policies and built-in self governance
Empowers enterprises to adopt Big Data and IOT technologies
  • High throughput messaging bus based on Kafka
  • Event driven and analytics support with Spark
  • Real-time message correlation and visibility
Eliminates vendor lock-in with easy workload mobility across clouds
  • Containerization support drives portability across environments
  • High scale messaging infra eliminates tight coupling
  • Extensible SDK to plug into multiple environments
Brings technology independence and flexibility of choices
  • Container support offers technology isolation
  • Supports multiple PaaS and Container systems
  • Polyglot runtime framework with multiple languages support
Optimized application scaling leading to sizable infra cost savings
  • Fine grained auto scaling policy support
  • Enables event driven Serverless computing capability
  • Micro Analytics optimizes computing infrastructure needs

Technology Benefits

Micro Analytics
Highly scalable analytics
Granular and aggregated metrics
Big data capable
Scalable Runtime
Support for multiple infra
Container and CaaS technology options
Orchestration and Scheduling options
Real-time Visibility
End to end message tracing
Inject manual approvals
Notifications, alerts and event triggers
Fine grained policy controls
Hierarchical views - Tenant, Project, User etc.
Secure isolation per tenancy policies
Blueprint Support
Model complex applications
Capture policy and operational behaviors
Cloud/Infra agnostic definition
Micro Governance
Fine grained policies - to the service level
Compliance audits and reports
Extensible policies and rules
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