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Solution Architecture

Digital Automation Solution

Enterprises are looking to harness agility and reduce costs through automation. However, they are constrained by the rigidity of legacy IT applications. Macaw enables them to implement a new layer above existing legacy systems where required innovations and automation can be implemented, without much disruption to their existing applications.

Macaw makes this possible due its high throughput and low latency messaging bus, configurable workflow engine, and built-in connectors to various enterprise systems. Customers are able to implement custom connectors using Macaw SDK and introduce new workflows that seamlessly integrate with their existing process and IT systems. Key use cases enabled with this solution include:

  • E-bonding: Integrating disparate ticketing systems
  • Integrated reporting portal with process automation
  • Automate batch process execution and monitoring

Advanced hybrid IT operations analytics platform

Enterprises today rely heavily on applications to drive business and engage with customers and partners . It is critical to ensure round the clock availability of applications to deliver the best experience and manage costs efficiently. Enterprises are looking extensively to management platforms that provide analytics and insights to achieve these objectives.

This next generation hybrid IT operating analytic platforms is built using Macaw, natively supporting Microservices development and runtime environment on any container supported infrastructure. Its several core services like database, security, messaging, registry, API gateway, load-balancer/HA etc are leveraged heavily to quickly build this solution. Due to the inherent advantages of its Microservices architecture the solution is highly scalable and responsive and makes it easy to add support for new devices, interfaces, and applications. Salient capabilities include, but are not limited to:

  • Support for multi-vendor, multi-cloud interfaces
  • Enterprise grade with multi-tenancy capabilities
  • Can scale horizontally and across clouds to support large numbers of assets

Next generation infrastructure management fabric

Modern management and automation solutions require an evolution from the constraints of constant changes to the interfaces and data models of underlying IT assets. Traditional approaches are not able to support frequent updates as they are costly and time consuming often depriving the customers from the latest capabilities.

This next generation solution provides an abstraction layer which accelerates the integration between any management system and any vendor equipment. Microservices are built ground up with an API approach, and can be independently developed and deployed, allowing software vendors to bring updates, bug fixes, and new releases at a much faster pace. This allows the ecosystem partners to implement part of the interfaces as Microservices that interoperates with underlying protocols.

  • Consistent element management fabric with well-defined APIs
  • Accelerates development of infrastructure management and automation tools
  • Highly scalable with comes with several plugins to quickly add new device support

Unified platform for importers, exporters & service providers

Large organizations involved in international trade have to deal with a complex set of process and transactions. Often they must interface with systems coming from various players involved in the ecosystem. Traditional approaches involve a lot of manual interventions leading to errors and poor visibility into the supply chain.

This solution built ground up with Microservices makes it easy for different entities to share, collaborate, and transact. It became easy to integrate with partner systems by leveraging the Macaws integration capabilities. Customers are also able to define new workflows and automate them more easily thanks to built-in on-demand runtime ability. Offered in both an on-prem and hosted service model, leveraging Macaw kubernetes integration offers customers to:

  • Find value chain partners and transact internationally
  • Easy to integrate and expose services in a secure way
  • Can easily share and access data from disparate systems

E-Commerce Solutions

Online and commerce solutions are often under the strain of seasonal fluctuations and fast changing customer needs and demands. Traditional applications are not able to handles changes quickly and are required to be provisioned for peak traffic situations which increases the costs. It is a challenge to obtain feedback on new features to make decisions quickly.

Solutions built using Macaw effectively address these challenges, leveraging its built-in governance and scalability features. Deploy new services, performing A/B testing, and rolling upgrades with its built-in devops console and policy controls are made easy. In this regard Macaw has:

  • 100% built using Microservices architecture
  • Leverages database as a service delegating the platform to take care of scaling
  • Has theFlexibility to customize functionality and workflows to comply with customer needs

The 12 Factors

Quickly Build 12 Factor Microservices based Applications

Macaw + Kubernetes

Enterprise Grade Microservices Platform For Kubernetes

Platform Overview

Purpose built for enterprise grade distributed cloud-native applications

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