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Comprehensive offerings for Cloud Native & Container Adoption

Application Containerization

Application containerization allows application owners to package app components into Containers, which can be independently developed, deployed and scaled. In contrast to VMs, containers are extremely lightweight and provide better application portability and abstraction from underlying infrastructure.

  • Jumpstart container journey by onboarding existing apps and container images to Macaw platform
  • Continue to support your app's integrations with external systems by leveraging Macaw out-of-the box integrations, marketplace and extensible services through SDK
  • Securely operate and govern containerized apps using Macaw built-in value-add services like API gateway, monitoring, routing, load-balancing, scaling, message correlation etc.

Application Modernization

Application modernization involves transforming legacy applications to operate under new paradigms like Containers, Microservices and DevOps automation. This is often driven by the need to infuse speed/agility into the development process plus simplify and automate operations.

  • Modernize legacy apps through streamlined process of utilizing as a service components
  • Transform app components in phases while accessing legacy functionality through shadow services.
  • Unify Dev and Ops processes and accelerate feature, release velocity through in-built CI/CD integrations
  • Achieve deployment flexibility and true portability through cloud-agnostic Macaw platform

Cloud Native Applications

Cloud native applications leverage several innovative technologies and architectures to effectively operate in private, public or hybrid cloud. Macaw brings together leading and impactful technologies like Microservices, Containers, DevOps, and Automation to help accelerate enterprise's cloud native journey.

  • Nurture true cloud native philosophy through Macaw API-first approach and accompanying modeling, codegen and services toolset.
  • Embrace as a service notion with Macaw built-in services like database as a service, logging as a service etc.
  • Support multiple environments, departments or customers through powerful multi-tenant capabilities
  • Effectively manage, operate and govern apps through graphical interface, API browser and DevConsole
  • Develop new services through SDK and publish to public, private repositories and marketplace

Micro Analytics based Serverless Computing

Serverless computing is a new paradigm in which app owners can request and consume services either on-demand or based on certain thresholds or events, and the service/platform provider assumes responsibility for starting or stopping servers to fulfill the service. Overall, this gives a serverless experience to app owners and allows them to focus on business and application rather than on infrastructure.

  • Macaw provides in-built Micro Analytics services that can be invoked based on event or threshold or time-based
  • External analytics providers can be plugged in through service catalog integration

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