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Securely Run Microservices on Federated Kubernetes Clusters

Macaw + Kubernetes delivers complete
Cloud Native Stack

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Accelerate Modernization of Traditional Applications

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Quickly Build 12 Factor Microservices based Applications

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Key successful next generation
enterprise solutions built using Macaw

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The DZone Guide to Microservices

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Macaw extends Push Notifications Capability to AWS SNS and Lambda

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Cloud native journey made easy and simple with Macaw + Kubernetes

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Macaw Announces Enterprise Grade Microservices Runtime Platform for Kubernetes

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Macaw Community Edition
Now available on Oracle Marketplace

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What is Macaw?

Macaw is an enterprise grade platform optimized for building and transforming applications for digital age. Macaw provides an unique approach to modernize traditional applications to utilize containers and Microservices technologies. It also offers a turn-key approach for enterprises to design, develop, build, publish, run and operate Microservices based application in a holistic manner irrespective of the underlying infrastructure and clouds. Macaw is meant for enterprises looking to accelerate their modernization journey with hybrid-cloud strategy and cloud native applications. Thanks to its many built-in foundational services ,turnkey operational capabilities and kubernetes integration.

  • Enterprise grade platform for large scale microservices applications
  • Accelerate modernization of traditional applications
  • Purpose built to develop, deploy and manage cloud native applications
  • Built-in security, governance, multi-tenancy and analytics capabilities
  • Container-Ready natively and extensible through SDK
  • Rich CLI and Console for DevOps automation
  • Rich integration options and market place for out of box services

Key Capabilities

Macaw provides the necessary run time environment, services and tools to build, deploy and manage Microservices based application. It provides various built-in and readily usable core application services like database, security, messaging, load-balancing for accelerated development and turn-key operations.

Cloud Agnostic
Cloud Agnostic
Full Containerization Support
Full Containerization Support
Ops Policies & Governance
Ops Policies & Governance
Micro Analytics
Micro Analytics
Real-time Monitoring
Real-time Monitoring
For Developers
  • Application Containerization
    • Containerization assessment and setup
    • Out of box integration with Container tools and platforms
    • Extensible SDK and support for Multiple IaaS and CaaS
  • Modernize Legacy Applications
    • Phased approach to modernize legacy applications
    • Transform legacy components to cloud native ready components
    • Encapsulate and migrate legacy components
  • Cloud Native Application Development
    • Provides modelling, codegen, build and publish tool sets
    • Leverage many out-of-box core & essential services
    • Essential services like db, logging, etc. for rapid development
For Operations
  • Single Pane of Control & Visibility
    • Intuitive web based DevOps console and CLI tools
    • API browser to view and invoke APIs right from console
    • Deploy, scale or bring new catalog services easily from marketplace
  • DevOps & CI/CD Integration
    • Faster team onboarding and workspace creation
    • Accelerate feature and release velocity
    • Streamline release processes with continuous integration
  • Micro Governance & Policies
    • Many self-governance and monitoring capabilities
    • Real time Microservices social graph & message correlation
    • Microservice resource utilization visibility and control
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