Java Microservices Hackathon with Macaw Enterprise Grade Microservice Platform

April 12th, 2017, DFW, Texas

Macawthon continues to gain momentum with developers and partners
Macaw Software is pleased to announce that we have successfully completed our 4th Macawthon on April 12th, 2017 in a series of global events planned for developer education on cloud native applications by conducting in-person and virtual Macawthons. These Hackathon sessions offer a chance for developers to showcase their skills and gain valuable insights in developing and managing Microservices based applications. Some of the key highlights of this event are:
  • First Hackathon conducted in alliances with Oracle as a technology partner and ITServe Alliance as a hosting partner.
  • More than 100 developers representing over 20 companies participated, sharing their skills and talent for a fruitful outcome.
  • About 20 teams are formed and each team was given an instance of Macaw platform running on Oracle cloud to deploy and run their Microservices application - from standard set of examples or their own.
  • Most of attendees are successful in completing the exercise within the stipulated time.
  • All the team members who have successfully participated in the session received an official Macaw certificate and a T-Shirt.

The day kicked off with an instructional session covering the basics of Microservices architecture. This portion was a delve into the prescriptive approach provided by Macaw to develop enterprise grade solutions at a rapid pace with a language of choice. Developers were given a walk through of how to model a service, implement logic, deploy to a platform running on Oracle public cloud and then manage them through a web console/CLI. The complete process was quick, spanning just a few minutes. Following the demo, participants were grouped as teams and offered a shot to try and execute the examples provided to them. Some teams have implemented their own ideas as well. Each team was given access to the Macaw platform hosted on the Oracle cloud platform to deploy their Microservices examples and SDK to be installed on their development machine. The teams were swiftly able to follow the instructions provided to them, install the SDK and setup their environment to access hosted Macaw platform on Oracle public code successfully within the stipulated time frame.

In conclusion, an expert panel discussion chaired by eminent technology experts from Oracle, startup companies and IT services companies rounded out the day's activities. The participants appreciated the session, securing a greater understanding of the challenges and strategies regarding modern day technology and the business world. The most productive result was a specific emphasis on how to address obstacles in real life use cases. We have uploaded the recorded session to YouTube to be conveniently shared with colleagues, friends, or others interested. Due to substantial interest generated by participants to launch and tinker with Macaw in their own environment, we will be providing access to all attendees through email.


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